#fulldisclosurefriday – Winter Break Blues

#fulldisclosurefriday – That moment when your oldest has been on a hiatus from school for winter break and it is giving her the blues.

December is a rough month for any sort of schedule or routine. In the beginning of the month, we jet off to Florida to visit family. We were able to do some pretty cool things there. We swam, my oldest rode a horse, and we visited family that we haven’t seen all year!

When we returned, my oldest came back to school for one week and then she has had three weeks off for winter break! To give you a little insight on my 5 year old, she is an extreme extrovert and is a little type A. She LOVES school and loves having structure. So, having so much time off of her routine, being away from her friends and away from her beloved school has been a bit of a challenge for her.

We have done soo many fun things over break!

Caira had a sleepover, many many movie nights, we went sledding in SoCaL, had beach days, watched sunsets, countless visits to the park, visited the aquarium, she went to the salon, and even went to Disney on Ice! Throw a visit from Santa Claus in there and whew, its been a busy few weeks!


Although we had a BLAST this winter break, she has been so emotional. We were walking past her school the other day and she started to cry. She asks every day to go back to school.

My friend coined it perfectly. She said, “These extraverts need to be around their friends and they struggle when they are at home more!” Yes… She nailed it on the head! Although we were loading Caira up with a ton of really fun activities, this is not “her normal” and it is starting to show.

Oh, and if I hear one more time that she is hungry or needs a snack… AHH! Goodness, homegirl just needs her schedule back!

So, here is to a few more days of the winter break crazy and almost being back to our normal!

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