Mom Bond Challenge

This months Book Club Corner comes with a bit of a challenge. I stumbled across Mom Bond Challenge written by Ashlee Edens and immediately fell in love with the concept. It is a 19 day challenge that encourages the parent to take on daily tasks that promotes a stronger bond with their child. I just HAD to share with my Bee Tribe!

Edens says it beautifully, “We’re all imperfect moms trying to be better.” I couldn’t agree more!

Mom Bond Challenge

How does it work?

This very quick read (It is only 27 pages.. Woohoo for busy mama’s) outlines 19 days. Each day, a challenge is presented to you. It is anything from identifying another mama in your life that inspires you, to identifying a quality that you like about yourself to thinking about the simple things that make your child happy! When you identify these details, you are then asked to take photos and post on social media using specific hashtags. Although the social media aspect is not necessary, it is there to keep accountability. If privacy is an issue for you, find an accountability partner and just send the pictures to your significant other/grandparent.

Another aspect to this that I find to be really fantastic is there is a journaling component. One example is to write a letter to your child to open in 10 years. Another exercise is to write a letter to yourself five years ago. I am sure you are much wiser now then you were 5 years ago. Reflecting on your growth will allow yourself to see how “together” you actually have it!

In Closing…

Often times, I hear my friends say, “Man, I have no idea what I am doing!” By doing challenges like the ‘Mom Bond Challenge’ you are identifying YOUR strengths and growth in life. You are also helping your child identify THEIR strengths! Coming TOGETHER, you are finding unity and truly are building a stronger bond and getting through this thing called life.

I know I am going to be challenging myself with the #mombondchallenge throughout the month of October… Will you?

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