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“When I went to my sons Kindergarten Kick Off meeting, the principal told us our kids need to know how to write their names before they start Kindergarten and that we should work on it this summer. However, when I try to work with him on this skill, he protests and doesn’t want to do it.” –Mother of a 5 year old.

First of all…. Who doesn’t love summer, right? The beach, the sun, the FREEDOM? So, I totally get why your little one is thinking… “Um, mom, why are you making me sit down with pencil and paper and write my name?” However, it is an important skill and one that dooooooes need to be worked on. It also seems like it’s an aversive task for your son… My suggestion- Change how the task is done…


Here are some ideas on how you could add a little variety to switch it up

shaving cream learning fun

  • Put some shaving cream on the table and learn how to form the letters there.
  • Get the playdough out and make some snakes and form the letters out of the dough.
  • Steam up the window and write on there by using his finger.  Put dry erase markers on the sliding glass doors and practice there… Get my drift?

As he becomes more confident in his ‘name writing skills’, you can slowly startfun learning with shaving cream moving him to more traditional writing utensils by throwing in some sidewalk chalk or even fun chunky markers. Adding variety and with different modes will only allow for more generalization which will carry over for longer lasting success and will build his confidence in this skill! In the beginning, your main focus will be getting him interested in writing his name and you won’t as worried with HOW it is done! Just reinforce any approximation and celebrate the successes that he is creating 😍!


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