How Legoland is Helping to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Legoland… When I think about this place, it immediately brings a special person to mind. I have this little buddy named Carter. He is one of the bravest, strongest little guys I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Carter was diagnosed with Leukemia right before his 5th birthday. Due to unfortunate side effect of his treatment, this world lost one of the fiercest superheroes I’ve never met in October of 2017 (just shy of his 7th birthday)…. #cancersucks

During Carter’s last summer, he put together a ‘Summer Bucket list’.  On this bucket list, going to Legoland happened to be at the top of his list. His parents only had a few days to cram an entire summer of fun in because he was heading back into CHOC for another round of treatment…. Legoland and Legoland Hotel were completely booked!

Carter’s ENTIRE #carterstrong community had his back and we made it happen for him and his amazing family to spend an entire weekend there. It is truly awesome what can happen when you have a great support system.

But before I continue talking about my favorite superhero, I’m going to share a little tip on how YOU can get your family to Legoland too!

Kids go Free with Honest Kids

Okay, did you know that your cuties can go to Legoland California Resort for FREE when you buy Honest Kids Juice 8ct Carton at any retailer? Pretty awesome, huh! The offer on the box includes a FREE Child Hopper Ticket with a full paid Adult Hopper Ticket admission coupon to LEGOLAND® California Resort. Sawweeet! Get on this offer because it won’t last long.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, go to the following Legoland website and use this promotional offer code: 189900. You’re welcome :).

It is no surprise that this was one of Carter’s favorite spots….

I mean, check out what Legoland has to offer! California Resort has more than 60 rides, shows and attractions.  They also have ninja heroes, dojo training sessions, and you can experience the LEGO NINJAGO the Ride!!!

If water is more your speed, the LEGOLAND® Water Park is now bigger, wetter and faster than ever (the season opens March 5th). At the new Surfer’s Cove, you can show your speed as you race against the clock on Riptide Racers. Or if you would prefer, you can build your own raft and float down a not-so-lazy river… Yes please! The LEGOLAND Water Park has ten million gallons of fun so they won’t be running out of awesomeness anytime soon…. Um, this sounds so amazing!

Raising Cancer Awareness and Money for Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

So, how is Legoland associated with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation? When Legoland representatives contacted me, I was literally on my way to a #carterstrongforever fundraiser for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Coincidence? #hicarter

Carter’s family continue to do amazing initiatives to spread kindness and raise awareness for cancer research. Did you know that cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children? Did you also know that only 4% of federal government cancer research funding goes towards pediatric cancer studies ( Hmm… There seems to be an imbalance here in my humble opinion and not NEARLY enough resources in this area.

So, when I talked with the representatives from Legoland, I couldn’t help but ask if there was any way that we could do something to raise money for cancer research… Specifically to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. After having a few discussions with Carter’s mom, we came up with the solution!

Legoland California

Legoland is donating a 4 pack of tickets

So, out of respect for Carter- the boy who loved life, taught us all more about kindness in his short 6 years then some people do in their entire lives… We found a solution that only seems fitting for the boy who LOVED Legoland- We will be donating a 4 pack of Legoland tickets at a Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation event to raise money for cancer research. The hope is that we will raise money so that we can get that much closer to finding a cure! Because, well… Cancer sucks! And thank you to Legoland for helping make this happen.

What can YOU do to help support Pediatric Cancer Research?

Feeling inspired to do something to help support pediatric cancer research? Head over to this website and donate today! Little or big, your donation could help to save a life.

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