#fulldisclosurefriday – Hearing ‘Go to Jail’ is Terrible

That moment when you wake up thinking it will be a good day but then you read an email from the local justice center stating you failed to report to jury duty the PREVIOUS DAY! After further exploration, you discover that failure to  report to jury service as required by law may subject you to legal action which means a fine or 5 DAYS IN JAIL!!!!! I. Was. Panicking!

I received absolutely NO notification of this. Lets be honest, if I knew that I was suppose to be at jury duty, I would have completed my civil duty. But I knew nothing about this! When I read the email, it was 7:45am and the office did not open until 8:00am. Of course, I had to wait 15 more minutes to get this sorted out. This also means I had 15 minutes of panic and anxiety all while thinking the absolute worst.

Different scenarios running through my head…

  • “Sorry girls, mommy has to go spend a few days in jail because she didn’t go to jury duty! I won’t be able to read to you tonight.”
  • “Sorry class, your professor has to cancel lecture this week because she is in the slammer!”
  • “You should listen to me Bee Tribe, I can give you great parenting tips but not this week… I will be a little tied up, LOL!”

Mom drinking Coffee

So yeah, I was pleased once I finally got through to someone at my local justice center to clear this all up. Come to find out, they had incorrect contact information and my jury summons never actually got to me (Whew! That was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders). The woman on the phone was ridiculously helpful and even mentioned that because I am a stay at home working mama of two, that is an “acceptable excuse” to get out of jury duty… Whoop Whoop!

So thankful this was quickly sorted out. But goodness, that was a rough way to start a morning!

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