Getting your kids to listen: Post 1 of 4

 One of the biggest questions I get from parents is “how do I get my kids to listen to me…?”

The answer- Consistency and hard work! I wish I could tell you it’s a quick fix or it’s a special pixie dust that I sprinkle on my girls (although we have plenty of pixie dust in my house, it doesn’t result in magical listening skills)… the magic is consistency! My next few posts will take you through some tips and tricks on how you too can get closer to achieving the wonderfulness that is having your children listen to you.

how to get Kid listen put shoes on

I had a momma come to me with the following statement
“When I ask my son to get his shoes on because we have to leave, he will just ignore me.”

Okay… We’ve ALL been here! Before kids, I was early everywhere I went. After kids, I am late more times than I am proud to admit and it doesn’t help that children move at the pace of a three-toed sloth anytime you need to be somewhere! One tip to help is to give a direction only ONE TIME… If the child does not comply, help them to complete the task by prompting them through it. If the child does listen, CELEBRATE and heavily reinforce them. The reinforcement could be anything from verbal praise to tickles to even a sticker! If you say the direction over and over again, it is showing them that they don’t reeeeally have to follow through until what feels like the hundredth time. If you are consistent with this tip and you always follow through on the first time, the child will start to listen after only one request. I think this tip is extremely important and if there is only one thing you ever take away from me… Let it be this!

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