#fulldisclosurefriday – Throwing a Doggy Birthday Party

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when all your daughter can talk about is throwing a doggy birthday party… And you finally cave!

Let’s get real…

My dog is old and she has never had a birthday party before. However, my little girl LOVES to throw a good party. I am not sure what planted this seed but every day leading up to the party, Caira was planning every last detail. It was to the point that she was telling me her ideas through the monitor in the bedroom at bedtime, LOL. It was at this point that I figured I should try to make this happen.

How does one make a dog party happen?

I asked Caira how she wanted to invite her friends. She told me that she wanted to make a video invite. So, off we went to make a video and we sent them off to her friends.

Then Caira mentioned that she wanted cupcakes for her friends and that Mae needed a cake too. Oh, and she wanted a craft. Of course, what party wouldn’t have a craft?

Caira was also so excited that every day she made a new “gift” for Mae! Caira continued to tape these pictures to Mae’s bed each day. Haha, my poor dog! Mae was probably wondering why all of this paper and envelopes kept encroaching on her already limited space.

Let’s Party!

The ironic part of this party, 25% of our guests was TERRIFIED of dogs! Like, visibly anxious, scared of dogs. We tried to leave Mae out while our guests were over but it was to the point where we had to put the ‘Birthday girl’ in her cage for most of the party… #wetried

However, we had a BLAST having a dog inspired play date. We colored pictures that had ‘Happy Birthday Mae’ on it, we made a doggy craft, we read books about dogs and had cupcakes! I also cannot leave out that we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl and let her eat a fun doggy treat!


A little outrageous….

Although this seems a little outrageous to throw a birthday party for a DOG, I also wanted to show Caira that I value her awesome ideas. We had most of the party supplies already and I had everything for the crafts. All I needed to get were a few cupcakes and a puppy treat. Bam, we have the necessary ingredients for an awesome doggy party!

So, with just a little bit of effort, Caira got the dog party of her dreams. She couldn’t wait to go to school and tell her friends about the fun night we had. I am gonna chalk this up as a #momwin :).

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