#fulldisclosurefriday – It Takes a Village

That moment when you realize it has been a halavah week and you’re thankful for an amazing village of support… When I started #fulldisclosurefridays, the intention was to share the reality of my world. Well, let’s just chalk this week up as emotional.

Losing a Superhero

I started the week with the extremely sad news that a friends 6 year old boy lost his battle with Leukemia… It is not fair that Cancer takes anyones life but when it takes a child’s life, it is unfathomable!

My Fit4Mom village came together to remember our Leukemia warrior and support the family who should NEVER have to experience the pain of losing a child. I feel fortunate to be a part of this group and know that we always have each others back through thick and thin.

Sick Baby

My youngest has been battling a cough for a few weeks now. No biggie, pretty normal for a toddler. On Thursday, she suddenly became extremely lethargic. It was like she was hit by a truck! She went down for a nap and after she woke up, she was crying and holding her chest and saying ‘Ow, Mommy!’ on multiple occasions. It was so consistent, I thought she scratched her chest or dropped something down her shirt. After the second or third time, I started to become alarmed.

Sick baby

We moved to the couch to snuggle and I noticed her heart rate was pretty fast. After sitting still for about an hour, I then took her heart rate with my apple watch; 160 resting BPM. YIKES! Okay, enter panic mode. Naturally, I went down the rabbit hole and started to think the worst.

I am so thankful for amazing friends (who also have crazy medical knowledge) who provided me accurate information when I started to totally panic! Apparently, it is absolutely normal for heart rate to increase when kiddos have fevers… Who knew?

I still took her to the doctor for peace of mind… Verdict- Ear infection! However, the doctor told me to monitor her heart rate after her fever goes away just to be sure. Man, the worry never goes away when you become a mama!

Who is in your mom tribe?

Everyone needs a group of mama’s to keep you absolutely SANE when venturing into parenthood. There are just so many unknowns. I am LUCKY to have so many amazing women surrounding me daily. Each remarkable friend that I have brings their own values. Maybe it’s a book suggestion, a medical question I want answered, a home decor design opinion or just a friend that I can be my true self with and know that I won’t be judged. Whatever it may be, I am thankful for my tribe :).

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