#fulldisclosurefriday – Sleepover Hangover

That moment when your little one had a blast the night before at her bestie’s house but then reality hits and she is now dealing with a sleepover hangover.

My little cutie had her very first sleepover! First of all, how is she old enough to have these experiences? My heart is hurting that she is growing up so fast…. But I also love that she was so excited for this night of fun. She packed two of everything; even two toothbrushes just in case her friend needed to borrow her ‘La La Loopsy’ toothbrush! She also said she was NEVER coming home and wanted to stay with her bestie forever!

kids sleepover cooking

These girls baked brownies, they played My Little Pony’s, they went to the park, they rode bikes/scooters, they watched movies, they splashed around together in the bath, they stayed up late giggling and they woke up early with just as much excitement. I would say their slumber party was a success!

sleepover hangover child tired

Now, my little cutie loves her sleep! She gets 11-12 hours of sleep almost every night so the next day was a DISASTER for her because she was running on limited Z’s. When I came to pick her up, she was extremely needy, whiney and exhausted. She fell asleep on the way home (10am btw) and wanted to lounge on the couch the entire day.

This is what I am calling a #sleepoverhangover

Homegirl couldn’t hang from her night of partying! But seriously, it was exhausting because I am not use to Caira being that emotional. It felt like every 20 minutes she would break down in tears (actual, stream down your face, tears). Not to mention her little sister had a double ear infection and was just as needy……. Okay, when is bedtime…… And wine time?

It was early in the night and Caira said, “Mommy, I need to go to bed!” (wait, am I dreaming? LOL). We skipped bath and I put her down for the night.

She slept in the following morning until 9am. She slept for 13.5 hours! The next day she quickly rebounded and all she could talk about was how AWESOME her sleepover was and how amazing her bestie is.

Whew, that sure was a rollercoaster of emotion :).


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