#fulldisclosurefriday – No Privacy For Mommy!

Are you kidding me… I don’t even get privacy for a second while in the bathroom with the door CLOSED? Geesh kid! I know I am cool but am I really THAT cool?

So, my husband and I bought a ‘fixer-upper’ when we moved out to Southern California. When we first moved in to our place, it was HORRIBLE and it definitely needed some TLC! The cool thing about buying a house that no one else wanted is that we got to put our own stamp on it. One of those ‘stamps’ was cool, modern, frosted paned bathroom doors……

One thing that I did not consider when we picked out those ‘amazing modern doors’ was when you have tiny creatures ALL UP IN YO SPACE, your ‘Mommy Time Outs’ and your ‘Being Mysterious’ moments doesn’t seem as effective because you LITERALLY still see them… SIGH!

I just couldn’t stop laughing when my 4 year old had her face on the door as she was saying that she “NEEEEEDED more water!”… Homegirl, give a mama 30 seconds of peace… You will not become dehydrated in that duration of time, haha!

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