#fulldisclosurefriday – My Mom Guilt ‘Ah ha’ Moment

That moment when you have a huge amount of mom guilt because you realize that your almost 2 year old has never experienced playdoh and you feel like you are not doing enough as a mom….

We were at a friends house and my 21 month old was getting a little antsy. My friend plopped some playdoh in front of my little one and I made the comment that she had never played with the gooey blob of a mess. I know, total second kid syndrome, right? I was later talking with some of my other mom friends and another mama was saying how she makes her own playdoh… Again, more mom guilt!

First of all, I am not a huge fan of playdoh. Maybe its the type A in me that I don’t like when the colors mix. Then, its all the pieces that fall on the ground and then the pieces that get in the carpet and then the pieces I find in my couch… Not to mention the pieces that I find in the diapers! So, I eventually just end up just throwing it out. Don’t get me wrong, I think sensory play is very important and I provide many different modes of sensory input for my girls! My 21 month old LOVES playing with ice cubes, bubble wrap, sand, etc. But playdoh is just not in that line up!

Anyway, my mom guilt landed me in the playdoh aisle at Target because I felt like I was taking something away from my Quinny Bear. I grabbed the $5 bucket (because my mom guilt wasn’t THAT bad to spring for the premium playdoh package, hah!) and we headed home to have what I envisioned to be an awesome, engaged, playdoh play session………

playdoh time

You guys, Quinn couldn’t have cared less! She dabbled in the playdoh for like a second and then she went and had a dance party in the kitchen (Thankfully my oldest had a blast playing with the playdoh so it wasn’t a complete waste). This leaves me with my final thoughts…

Kids dance

Even though my youngest sometimes experiences ‘second kid syndrome’, she has also had GREAT EXPERIENCES because she IS the second kid! Let me share with you what she GAINS from being a subsequent child!

  • An older sister that ADORES her every day
  • Having a constant play companion
  • Her gross motor skills are far progressed then her sisters was at this age because she is CONSTANTLY trying to keep up
  • I am a way more experienced mother because I have 3 more years experience under my belt which results in a calmer environment
  • Ummm… She gets way more sweets then her older sister ever did, haha
  • Frequent park visits that has resulted in her being able to use a big kid swing at 19 months.
  • Her first trip to Disneyland was when she was 1 month old
  • Her first trip to the beach was when she was 1 week old
  • A whole lot of fun.. Quinn initiates a family dance party EVERY NIGHT before bedtime!
  • Speaking of bedtime routine- She has 2-3 books read to her every night before bed starting from the night we brought her home from the hospital because we already had a bedtime routine established… I don’t remember starting bedtime stories with our oldest until much later!
  • She also gets a ‘sleep over party’ EVERY night since she shares a room with her sister.
  • So many beautiful outdoor hiking adventures
  • She has already tried surfing, rode a bike and a scooter!
  • Beach bon fires at sunset with friends
  • The list could go on and on…

Sisters Hugging

I would say Quinn’s ‘second kid syndrome‘ is pretty awesome! So, anytime my mom guilt kicks in, I need to remember that she lives a pretty awesome life and I need to stop comparing myself to others. One ‘playdoh’ experience does not compare to all of the other amazing activities/experiences that we provide to our girls on a daily basis!

So whenever you start thinking you’re not doing enough as a mama, start focusing on all of the AMAZING things that you do for your kids! Once you start putting it all down on paper, it is easy to see yourself from the viewpoint that you’re kids already see you from….  Which is being a total ROCKSTAR!

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