#fulldisclosurefriday – Mama’s Car Broke Down

That moment where your car breaks down during Preschool pick up and you feel stranded. THANKFULLY your good friend and neighbor was there to rescue you!

My husband and I agreed that we would drive our cars until they died! We have some big expenses coming up for BeeHaven Tribe so we would rather not spend our savings on new cars because they are paid off. That is fine with me, I look at cars as a vessel to get from point A to point B. Plus, I love my Lucy Liberty. She has been a good vehicle for me and we have had some good times!

Broke jeep liberty

But that sudden feeling of sadness when you go to turn your key and you get NOTHING! Nothing is turning over, nothing is working!  At this point, I can’t even close my back hatch… It was actually quite comical. Thankfully my good friend was coming out of the school with her two kids at the same time my car wouldn’t turn on. I approached her with my biggest puppy dog eyes in request to take the ‘Doyle Girls’ home because my big lug of tin was going nowhere!

But then we were faced with the challenge of fitting all four children and car seats in her Mazda 5 (which is quite spacious and has a 3rd row!!!). But, mamas are fearless and can do anything so we conquered that task all while answering a million questions from the very confused kids! Not to mention we did this very quickly to make it home in time for nap.

Mazda 5 kids rescue car

All four kids very much enjoyed the 1.5-mile commute home. They thought it was a BLAST that our car broke down because they got to ride in the car together. They were giggling the entire ride! By the way… This is a HUGE thank you to my friend who came to my rescue :)!!! You’re a life savor!

Fix broken jeep liberty

Fortunately, my husband was able to fix my Jeep when he got home and Lucy lives to see another day :). Hmm… Any bets on how long she will last?

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