#fulldisclosurefriday – Swim Suit Model Mama

That moment your husband sets up a swimsuit photo shoot with a company that is known worldwide. At the time, this photo shoot was intended for our girls but I somehow ended up in the photos too. Um, what? How on earth did this happen?

Let me explain…

My husband was a national team member for swimming. Since then, he has been involved in developing products to give back to the sport. He actually invented swimming paddles and licensed them to Dolfin Swimwear. Pretty cool, huh!

With the connections he has made with Dolfin Swimwear, it has also opened some pretty amazing doors for our girls. Last year, my oldest daughter was in their swimsuit catalog and on some of their marketing ads too!

kids swimsuit photo shoot

Dolfin Swimwear was shooting their 2018 catalog at a local pool and asked if we could bring both of our girls in for the photo shoot. Our girls love a good photo op (if you follow me on Instagram you already know this, haha)! You add a pool and they are in heaven so we agreed!

Fast Forward to Photo Shoot Day…

I am in the middle of a grading frenzy with the end of quarter madness. I was working up until we needed to leave for the photo shoot. Mama was looking a HOT MESS but I didn’t think it mattered because I figured I would just be sitting on the sideline.

When we arrived, they handed us swimsuits for our girls to try on and they wanted my husband to get some pictures taken with his paddles that he invented. We both thought that was really cool. Those pictures will be awesome to have in the future! I was busy changing our girls into their adorable swimsuits when I hear a, “Would your wife wear this swimsuit? We would love to get a family picture in these prints.”……….

Um….. What?

You guys, I am not swimsuit ready! Let alone swimsuit ready for a NATIONAL CATALOGUE! I didn’t even shave above the knee and I ate about a million cookies the day before. Oh crap, I also ate way too many carbs (hello Hawaiian bread, you’re my favorite) and Tim Tams. Did I mention that my hair was crazy greasy and I was looking a HOT MESS? One other thing, there were LEGIT MODELS there too, hahahah. Oh man!

This mama hopped right in the hair and make up chair and asked the very kind lady to “Do something with this mess!” I definitely had the, ‘Hi, I am a crazy busy working mama’ look going.

Photo for swimsuit model shoot

I quickly got over my insecurities and just went with it. How many times in life would this opportunity present itself? I maybe didn’t look like the paid models that were there but my girls had a blast and their mama was in the water with them by their side.

Who knows what these pictures will turn out like but at least we are all in them together!

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