#fulldisclosurefriday – Solo Parenting is TOUGH

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when your hubby is out of town for work and you are rolling solo… You quickly realize that solo parenting is tough work! You also realize that single parent’s are bad ass because they do this ALL THE FREAKING TIME… Whew!

I’m not even alone for 12 hours and BAM…

Quinn got in a fight with the coffee table… Seriously? So, the dress life is everything to her right now. She wanted to wear her big sisters dress that was obviously too big for her. I gave the cue that it was time for bed and she jumped off the couch, tripped over her dress and went face first into the coffee table…..

At this time, all I could see was blood. I have been lucky to not have any run ins with stitches, ER visits, or major accidents with either girl. I started to panic. I called my husband who is in Indianapolis, IN for work. He didn’t provide much value other than, “Well, if you feel like you need to take her to urgent care, go!” Ummm. I have no idea, she won’t let me get close enough to survey the damage!”

Luckily, I FaceTimed my friends who have a little bit of experience with toddlers and stitches. They gave me comfort and and said it probably wasn’t bad enough for a stitch. They suggested to throw on the TV for distraction, calm her down and blot it with gauze. That did the trick. Once I was able to actually look at it, it wasn’t that bad.

Ahhh man, not a great start to our week alone without daddy!

Thankfully, the rest of the week went well. We hung out with friends, threw a doggy birthday party (more info on that later, haha), survived lecture without daddy, etc… But yeah, it was a different kind of week for sure.

Basically, what I am trying to say…

Hubby is the ying to my yang. He helps creates balance in my life! When he is home, things just go a little smoother! I am incredibly lucky to have such a hands on man in my life…

People often ask how I am able to “do it all”… One of my answers- I have an amazing husband! When I have a deadline for work, he takes the kids. When I feel like I need to have a night out with girlfriends, he is always crazy supportive and tells me to go! It helps that he is super cute too, hehe.

I mean, look at this guy!

Okay, but seriously Joe, you can come home now. Your girls miss you…. Mmmk, Thanks!



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