#fulldisclosurefriday – Sensory Play Fail

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when you plan an AMAZING sensory play experience for your kids but it doesn’t go quite as you imagine.

I love a good theme play. Add in a messy sensory play experience… Count. Me. In! SoCal had a heat wave this week so I was looking for activities that would keep my girls engaged but also inside in the air conditioning. I jumped on Pinterest and found an awesome shaving cream play activity that included scary Halloween toys to swirl around on the table. This seemed easy enough to accomplish and I felt like my girls would be all about it!

The Reality…

I invited neighbor friends over to join in on the fun. My prediction was that this would be such a blast, why not share this experience with friends? We got the table all ready and it looked picture perfect. We said, “Ready. Set. Go!”

Kids sensory play shaving cream

Let the play commence….. 1 minute later, the play ended… LOL! I wish I was kidding. All of this prep; all of the excitement; to be over in 60 seconds! Actually, one of our tiny humans was done in less then 10 seconds! One touch of the slimy shaving cream and she IMMEDIATELY started to say that she wanted to clean her hands off. #wetried

sensory play with shaving cream

Cue clean up….. Ugh! We decided to finish our wine first! We knew it was going to take 20 times longer to clean up this mess than the actual play time so why not enjoy some mommy juice first! Sigh….

Using shaving cream for kids learning

Shaving cream sensory play time

Okay… Wine is finished, I guess we have to clean the table now……….

Haha, notice that the name ‘Sara’ is still untouched in the photo above!

And this is why I started #fulldisclosurefridays

Now, I EASILY could have created an entire blog post on ‘How to engage your child in a Halloween theme sensory play’ experience. I documented our entire play. Even though our sensory play lasted a whopping 1 minute, I have several pictures to show for it.

I could have posted any number of these pictures and added a fancy caption that said, “Doing a fun Halloween activity with my littles! They love sensory exploration play. It is so important for development.”

sensory play exploration kids

Okay, if I would have done something like that, it probably would have given some of you some #momguilt. Even if that guilt only lasted a second, you may have thought to yourself, “Wow, am I doing enough? I have never done shaving cream on the table with my kid. Wait, what are some sensory play ideas? Maybe I should go on Pinterest.” Ammmmiright?

Without my #fulldisclosurefriday explanation, you would have had NO IDEA that my little sensory play only lasted 1 minute and it was a bigger flop than success. My snap of a picture that is literally 1 second of my life that appeared way more perfect than it actually was shows a WAY different picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, not in the social media world. Social media can depict a much different world than actual reality.

So, before you start comparing yourself to someone you see on social media, just know that you may not have the ENTIRE story. Don’t be so hard on yourself :).

Do you have a #fulldisclosurefriday moment that you want to share?

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