#fulldisclosurefriday – Paint Party Gone Wrong

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when you plan a fun paint party with your girls and you think it will go perfect. You quickly realize that paint with a toddler RARELY goes as planned!

It was a slow morning so my husband and I were thinking of activities to keep our girls busy. We had some scrap wood pieces and thought it might be fun for our girls to do a little painting…

Toddler Paint Party

It started out calm and the girls were enjoying their creative outlet. Our oldest wanted to paint on the ‘Q’ for her baby sister which we thought was really sweet! Our youngest was actually painting really well. Awesome, some engaged art time!


funny toddler paint

Well, that went south pretty fast! Okay sister- you are not ready for body paint! ART TIME IS OVER FOR YOU!

Oh, Quinny Bear! Always keeping us on our toes :). Even when I told her that we paint on paper (or wood in this case), she STILL continued to apply the paint on her face, haha! I am not sure if she thought it was make up or just wanted to continue with her creative expression! I seriously love her spirit.

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