#fulldisclosurefriday – Lunchbox Note Battles

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when you and hubby battle over who can give the better lunchbox note to your kids.

Imma give you some backstory here…

My husband makes my girls lunches every Tuesday and Thursday and he is WAY better at it than me. They are always extremely well balanced and he makes sure to put a very well thought note each time. Now, this note isn’t just a, “Have a great day!” note. He leaves EPIC notes that rhyme and typically relate to whatever is going on in their day. It is to the point that my girls teachers look forward to reading “Daddy’s note” because they are so amazing (my girls are very very lucky!).

Mama is competitive

Now, I cannot be upstaged here. HOWEVER, I also do not have time in my mornings to be writing epic poems on top of hair, appropriate clothing choices, finding shoes and matching socks (haha, lets be honest, matching socks rarely happens in my house), AND the double drop off hustle that has to be completed each morning. Mama just doesn’t have time for that.

So, what is my solution? Lunchbox note printables for the win! Seriously, these things are freaking adorable and my girls LOVE them. I can print a sheet off at the beginning of the week, I chuck an “I love you, Mom” on there and BOOM! #momwin!

The ironic part…

So, my husband puts an incredible amount of time and thought into his notes. However, my daughter much prefers my printable. I always notice that she keeps them in her lunchbox. She always comes home and comments on how “ADORABLE” they were and that she requests more the following day!

Hmm… I think we have a clear winner on this battle! However, hubby is the true champion if you look at creativity (I am trying to be a humble winner here, LOL).

Free Printables!

If you are looking for ahh-dorable Valentines themed lunchbox printables, Shari’s Berry’s has developed some great, FREE, printables that I have been using. Caira and Quinn have been LOVING them…. You’re welcome!

Seriously… How amazingly adorable (and punny) are these? Enjoy!


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