#fulldisclosurefriday – Holiday Card Procrastinator

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when you had EVERY intention to send out holiday cards to all of your loved ones and you just don’t get around to sending them. Whomp, whomp! I am every bit of a ‘Holiday Card Procrastinator’.

I LOVE getting holiday cards in the mail.

In the month of December, I am so eager for the mail to come to receive all of the AMAZING holiday cards. I am able to “catch up” on all of my friends and family from around the world! Typically, I am pretty good at sending out our own holiday cards BUUUUUUT this year, I failed, haha. The ‘Holiday  Card Procrastinator” got the better of me.

I STARTED the process. I even picked out a design and filled in all of the details. It was even in my cart. But, life got in the way. I never got around to purchasing the holiday cards. Let alone actually sending them out- Not even close to getting that far into the process!

With each card that came in the mail, I wished that I could have gotten it together enough to send one back to them. So, here is my failed attempt to somewhat return the favor. I am sending an electronic Holiday card this year :).

Haha- This is the most recent family picture that we have taken. Not a traditional “Holiday” picture by any stretch of the imagination. But, this is us! We love the water, we are happy, and this is authentic to the Doyles!

Happy Holidays from the Doyle Crew! We are heading into 2018 with a SPLASH!

I am wishing all of you an amazing Holiday season! I appreciate all of your support and I am looking forward to bigger and better things in 2018 :).

With Love, the Doyles!

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