#fulldisclosurefriday – Halloween Hangover

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when your entire family has a Halloween Hangover! Honestly… I feel like this entire week has been a bit of a mess!

I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. It may be because my girls dress up every day anyway so this is a day where it is actually socially appropriate to do so :). Halloween is also me and my husbands dating anniversary so once again, this day is special.

My goodness, it has been a week!

For starters, I began my week running into the door and smashing my face. Yes, you read that correctly, LOL. It was Monday morning and my little one woke up early. I sprung from the bed and went running into my girls room (I try to rush so my little doesn’t wake up my oldest). It was still pitch black (ya know, day light savings) and I didn’t realize that my hubby closed our bedroom door…. CRASH!

Holloween Hangover Mommy

I ended up with a bruised nose. On Halloween, I wished my discolored nose was just the result of fun make up but no, haha…. Face palm!

To make matters worse, I also got sick and had absolutely no voice at all! It was so bad, I had to cancel lecture because there was no way my students would have been able to hear me. I’ve NEVER had to cancel class because I was sick. I’ve always been able to rally….. Mama just needed to check into a hotel and sleep for a few days!

Halloween Aftermath

Oh man was I dealing with a Halloween hangover with my youngest. This was her first real Halloween where she was able to move from house to house and man did she rage! She did everything she could to hang with the big kids and she did amazing!

On Wednesday, I was trying to think of something fun for her to do. However, all she wanted to do was to hangout in her birthday suit. That obviously reduces the amount of appropriate places to take her. By the time I got her clothed, I decided to head to the Huntington Beach library for story time. I was so excited because Brian from the rock band Suburban Legends who also started Rock n Roll Reading was running story time. Perfect! Let’s get it together girl, his read alouds are AMAZING! He does the perfect mix of engaging read alouds with a bit of rock and roll music (with an actual electric guitar). Seriously, if you’re in the SoCal area, check out his Facebook page and look into when/where he will be reading… They are so much fun!

Rock and Roll at the Huntington Beach Library

Okay, we arrive and she is totally in to it (how can you not be?). But then all of a sudden, she totally lost all focus, haha. She noticed all of the fun toys in the back of the room and wanted to go explore. Then she was going back and forth, back and forth. It was like she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be in on the read aloud/music or the fun novel toys. Man- she was all over the place! One of my friends even made the joke, “So, there is this blog you should check out. She is a behaviorist! She is a mom and she really keeps it real” hahahah!


Here I am writing about how this week that was FILLED with so much sugar, relaxed rules, and how the late nights have totally thrown my girls off. Oh, and while we are on the topic… My little one had a birthday too! So, we just continued to add to the sugar induced comas, late nights and crazy behaviors! Oh well, we had a ton of fun and I would not have changed a thing!

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween!



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