#fulldisclosurefriday – Crying Wolf… Or Are You?

#fulldisclosurefriday- That moment when your oldest babe has been complaining of a headache for a few weeks now… You don’t know if she is crying wolf or if she is actually experiencing head pain.

The reason I am questioning this is because she acts absolutely fine. No fever, her demeanor is normal,  she is eating and sleeping as she usually does . On the other hand, headaches are NOT something I want to ignore if it really is an issue…. What to do, what to do?


Chronic headaches and migraines run in our family. This is another reason I am a little more sensitive to this topic. I remember having my first migraine at about Caira’s age. This makes me want to cry to even think that Caira is potentially going down my headache path. It is an absolutely terrible path to be on :(. So, my husband and I have been keeping a close eye on this.

A trip to the nurses office

Caira came home from school and after a few hours, she told us that she went to the nurses office… WHAT? How did I not know about this sooner? Why are you JUST NOW TELLING ME THIS? I tried to gain more information. You know, “Why did you go”, “What did they do?”

The only information I got out of her….

“I got to go to the bathroom by the nurses office, mommy! It was really cool.”

Well that doesn’t give me much to go off of. But seriously, I immediately assumed this was caused by a headache complaint. I emailed the teacher and my assertion was confirmed. Then this morning, my little one was crying at school drop off (which RARELY happens) because she was saying she didn’t feel well due to head pain.

Okay.. Enough is enough!

Now it is time to start looking into this more. I would rather be the mom to go to a million doctors appointments for them to tell me that nothing is wrong then do nothing. My husband and I are her only voice in terms of advocating for her medical needs. If we don’t do anything, no one else will.

I immediately got her an eye doctor appointment to rule out a vision issue (thanks to my friends suggestions). The eye doctor immediately asked if she reads a lot.

Since starting Transitional Kindergarten, there has been an increased expectation of reading and writing. I have also seen an increased love for drawing and coloring! She is ALWAYS wanting to explore her creative side. So, yes, there has absolutely been an increase of strain on her eyes.

Sure enough, the eye doctor seemed to think that Caira could benefit from reading glasses. Little miss is SUPER excited to pick out a pair of glasses. We are going to make a date out of it. Just Mommy and Caira!

If things do not get better, then we will continue to find out if something bigger is going on.

Sigh- this mom gig; you never really stop worrying!

Motherhood is Humbling!

But let me just tell you the hot mess we were trying to get out of the eye appointment. They dilated Caira’s eyes so she could barely see anything and she had the huge black glasses on. Quinn was OVER IT! Trying to contain a 2 year old in an eye doctors office for nearly 1.5 hours…. Almost impossible! As we were walking out, I was holding a very squirmy child. I asked Caira to push the empty stroller to the car. Caira (who was still wearing the huge black glasses) was running in to EVERYTHING and I was holding a toddler who was trying to squirm out of my arms! Thankfully me and Caira were just giggling about this and we all made it to our car (Quinn was not laughing so much, haha)… Man, motherhood is a humbling experience!


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    1. Seriously.. But Caira did AMAZING during her eye exam! The eye doctor even asked if she is always this good :). Haha, and then you look over at the toddler. Ya just gotta laugh! Oh my Quinny Bear.. Always keeping us on our toes.

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