Don’t Say No – Just Give Hugs!

When I drop my 4 yo off at preschool there is a HUGE paper Olaf on her classroom door that my 1 yo immediately wanted to pull down which always led me to think to myself,

“Why oh why does Olaf have to have those tiny arms that can tear so easily?!?”

Instead of instantly telling her “NO!” I chose to redirect her and turn it into a teaching opportunity. In that moment, I taught her what she COULD do to Olaf instead of the ever so tempting act of vandalism. I taught Quinn that she could blow Olaf kisses, she could give him high fives or she could even give him a hug (you know, because Olaf likes warm hugs)! However, ripping him to shreds was not one of those options!

Olaf Hugs and Kiss instead of NO

Every day since, she has chosen to give Olaf a big oh smackeroo when she passes him and I heavily reinforce that choice. It is adorable to see and it sure does save me the embarrassment of asking the teacher for tape to get those stick arms back up on the door!

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