#bringbackthebees – Teaching kids the important roles bees play

I LOVE when teachable moments organically manifest out of thin air. On Sunday morning, we had one of those moments. My family goes through Cheerios like free candy on Halloween. We love them and eat an embarrassing amount each week! I noticed on the latest box that Cheerios has an initiative to #bringbackthebees. Most of the content on the box helps to support the education of teaching kids about the important roles that bees play in our lives!

Let’s keep it real…

It was EARLY Sunday morning. My child requested pancakes…. NOPE, sorry kid. Mama doesn’t have the ingredients for that fancy of a breakfast. But the consolation prize is a bowl of cereal ANNNNND you get to read the cereal box this morning. You’re welcome!

Lucky for us, this stemmed an ENTIRE morning adventure. As we were all sitting down eating our Cheerios, we started to read the box together.

This is what we learned:

  • Bees are going missing and it is becoming a serious issue. Bee population everywhere has been declining at an alarming rate.
  • 1 and 3 bites of food we eat are made possible by bees and other pollinators. These foods include apples, almonds, coffee (okay… Everyone, stop swatting at these bees right now, haha), and of course honey.
  • It only takes an ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world… WHAT?
  • Bees have good color vision. This is one reason why flowers are so “showy”.
  • Bees are the only insect that produce food that is eaten by humans…. What a cool fact!

After we read all of this AMAZING information, I talked about the “scary” parts of bees… You know, the “STINGING”. We discussed that this is a bees defense mechanism. They only do this if they feel threatened. They wouldn’t want to hurt anyone if they didn’t need to.

This seemed to resonate with Caira. The fear of bees seemed to decrease and she was on board to save the bees!

How can we help?

In our latest box of Cheerios, General Mills included a bag of cosmos seeds! Bees need flower pollen and nectar to stay happy! So, planting flowers is one easy way to help this cause. Caira was SOOO excited to plant cosmos flowers to help the bees. After we ate breakfast, we got dressed and headed out front to do some gardening (sorry neighbors, haha.. I know it is crazy early!).


The learning continued…

Not only did we learn about bee facts and plant seeds, Caira also made a map and wrote me a thank you card! Caira thought that the bee needed a map to find the flowers. The first sentence that we read on the cereal box was, “Buzz went missing”… She inferred that the bees didn’t know how to find the new flowers. She wanted to make sure that the bees found her flowers that she planted for them. I adore her spirit! She is so kind hearted.

A map she drew for the bees to find the new flowers.

She also wrote me a thank you card and taped it onto the box. This is what she wrote-

“Dear mom,

Thank you for getting me the seeds to plant the flowers so we can see the bees.

Love, Caira”

Are you kidding me? Seriously! This girl…. Well, this sure did make our early Sunday morning a lot more fun :).

Also, thank you Cheerios for the fun activity too… It was a blast!

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