Book Club Corner – July

Each month, I will be choosing a book that I feel would be a beneficial read. It may be on any topic from behavior, parenting or just a fun read! Now, I understand that we are all busy and that some of you may have trouble finding time to get through an entire book but I promise that my picks will be worth your time! We can call it our own little ‘book club’!

My July Pick- ‘MotherStyles- Using Personality Types to Learn to Parent from your Strengths’ by Janet P. Penley and Diane Eble.

july book pic motherstyles

“According to many psychologist, we are happiest and feel most fulfilled when we are using our strengths” so why wouldn’t we try to identify our own parenting strengths? Motherstyles uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to identify personality type to understand different mothering/parenting styles which helps to identify your strengths based on your personality type.  It also goes in to how we tend to compare ourselves to other moms but most of the time, it is comparing someone else’s strengths to your weakness which isn’t necessarily fair. It provides a whole new outlook on life and parenting styles!

If you’re interested in accessing this book (hard cover or ebook), there is a direct link to the book on my website in the ‘Book Club Corner’.

At the end of the month, I will provide my own review of the book and I will be excited to hear your thoughts on it as well!

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