How to Adventure in La Jolla, CA with Kids!

Almost ten years ago, my husband proposed to me deep in a cave.  In that proposal, he promised me a lifetime of adventure!  Since that proposal, we have traveled the world together.  From Australia, to Asia to all corners of Europe and everywhere in between.  Then we started the next phase of life which included children.  Talk about the most epic of ADVENTURES!

6 hour extreme adventure tour in Mammoth Cave and ended with a proposal.

Our explorations have slowed down a little since having kids (naturally).  But we still love a good travel adventure.  We want our girls to be well traveled and comfortable with this because it is something that we value and is a passion of ours.  I can’t even count how many flights my girls have been on and I have started to see their love for exploration grow (which. I. LOVE!).

So when La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites approached me with an opportunity for a weekend getaway in the San Diego area, I immediately jumped on this.  Plus, with all of our travels, I have a tip or two that I feel my BeeHaven Mama’s could benefit from reading!

Lodging: La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites

First of all, how lucky are we that the gorgeous scenery of La Jolla, CA is only 1.5 hour drive south of Orange County!  What a fun little staycation for us.  I mean, this is an area that people travel around the globe for and this is literally in our background, #solucky!  When we were driving into the La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites, I couldn’t believe the PRIME REAL ESTATE of this hotel.  It is literally across the street from the La Jolla Cove.

My first thought was, “Hmm, how on earth are we going to find a parking spot due to the location of this hotel?”  To answer this question, there are three lots that guests can park and it is on the hotel premise.  Perfect; this is easy.

After check-in, we then got to check out our suite. Umm, it is MADE for a family.  We could not believe how HUGE it was!  We were lucky enough to stay in an Oceanfront Suite which included 1 king size bed and 2 queen size beds.  Buuuuut you guys, the 2 queen size beds had its own room and a door!  This is what every family wants come bedtime when you’re in a hotel.  At bedtime, we were able to put the babes down the hubby and I were able to enjoy this amazing hotel room ANNND have adult conversations.

Amazing decor… How cute and bright is this room?

Pacifica Hotels is the company that owns La Jolla Cove Hotel and Suites and they do an AMAZING job with creating welcoming environments.  One way of doing this is by offering lawn games like pool and ping pong tables.  Oh, and I cannot leave out the CRAZY amazing views that you take in while enjoying the continental breakfast.  Oh man, I could go on and on about the amenities.

Joe playing ping pong with the girls at La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites
Views from our continental breakfast on the rooftop at La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites.
Pool time at the hotel!

However, I think my favorite part was waking up to the seals because you are just THAT CLOSE to the water.  On Sunday morning, we looked out to the ocean and saw a group of dolphins happily playing.  What a great way to start the day!

Views from our hotel balcony. If you look close enough, there is a dolphin in this picture.

Hotel Room Tips With Kids

  • New toy and activity books– Before the babes enter the room, I sneak in and place a new toy and a small activity book on the beds.  Often time, this is one of the only toys they have on the trip.  The idea behind this; its a novel toy that they think the hotel gave them which adds an element of fun and surprise.  The activity book is helpful because often times, you are going out to eat more.  This helps to increase engagement during all of that waiting time!
The room with 2 queen beds. I snuck in and put the Barbies and activity books in when they weren’t looking.
Closer look at the goodies!

Because we were headed to the beach, I found Barbie’s for $4.99 and they were “pool ready”.  I also went to the dollar spot and found felt books and little coloring books.  They thought these were AMAZING!  These Barbies went EVERYWHERE with us the entire weekend.

  • I will say that I brought a sound machine for my girls and put it in their room.  Any new room brings novel sounds.  Also, this may bring some familiarity and a sense of “home” to your little one.

Things to Do

There are so many things to do in the La Jolla area and also greater San Diego area.  Here are some of the things that we did on our weekend getaway.

  • Old Point Loma Lighthouse– I had heard a lot about Point Loma so we of course had to check it out.  We met friends there and when we first arrived, we connected at the visitors center.

The kids were able to fill out a worksheet to earn a wooden ranger badge!  The big kids all worked on their worksheet by answering questions about the weather and coloring in pictures.  They were very proud of their completed sheets and all earned badges. Woohoo!


Next we walked over to explore the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.  The kids thought this was really cool!  You could see how the house was set up in terms of bedrooms, the garden, how the light house was illuminated, etc.  Amazing!

Cost: $15 to enter the National park

Old Point Loma Lighthouse
These Point Loma Lighthouse stairs are everything!
  • La Jolla Cove– Literally across the street from La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites was La Jolla Cove.  This little gem was so fun to explore as there was a little beach, a cave, and of course SEALS!  If you have read any of my previous travel reviews you know my life dream of spending the day in the life of a seal because all they do is lay on the beach and nap, haha.  I mean, what mom wouldn’t want to do that for a day?!
My spirit animal… Literally showing some sass and posing for the camera!

What made this seal adventure so special was you actually got to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures. But man do they smell gnarly… Whew!  Be prepared for a fun yet sour exploration on this part of your trip.  Regardless, it is a MUST DO!


Exploring inside the cave at La Jolla Cove.
  • Japanese Friendship Garden– Oh man, this Friendship garden in the middle of Balboa Park was so amazingly gorgeous.  During this adventure, my youngest needed a nap so I was able to explore this secret garden with just my oldest.  I feel it made this adventure all the more special.  My favorite part was the lower garden because they had a little pond loaded with koi fish.  Oh so magical!
Japanese Friendship Garden with my sweet girl!
I am a firm believer that one must frolic when in a secret garden!

Cost: $12 for adults, Free for kids 6 and under


MmmK… I feel we spent most of our day mapping out what the next wonderful food spot was going to be. So much good food around La Jolla!

  • George’s at the Cove: Ocean Terrace: On the first night, we immediately set off to find food.  We went to trusty Yelp and found a burger place.  When we arrived, we noticed the bottom floor looked fancy.  We asked the host if it was kid friendly.  He of course said yes but that there was a more expansive kids menu on the top floor on the terrace.  Haha, why thank you, I will be heading way, way up to the top then.

Funny, I used to ask for the expansive wine list……. Noooooooow I am asking for the expansive kids menu.

My youngest using @8theplate at dinner

Lucky for us, we ran into CAT AND NAT!!!!!!!! Seriously, this entire weekend had us pinching ourselves.  If you are not aware of who these people are, they are Canadian based mommy Vloggers who are HILARIOUS!  They are actually on a multi-city show tour and just happened to finish up a San Diego show and were heading to LA to do a show in a few days.  I was PUMPED to have met them.  They were amazing!

Meeting @catandnat in La Jolla!


  • Waypoint Public– We also HAD to try Waypoint Public due to it being extremely kid friendly. I mean, they have a play area inside of their restaurant! I had the chili and it did not disappoint.  If you have kids and you want a yummy meal… COME HERE!
Those activity books were so helpful at all of these amazing restaurants!
  • Olive & Basil– On Sunday, we quickly realized that we had some hungry kids and we needed to feed them STAT!  We had just completed our La Jolla Cove adventure and needed something close by.  Another requirement is that we needed to be able to walk to it.  Enter the wonderful restaurant that is Olive & Basil.  Not only was it delicious but they quickly accommodated a party of 11… Mind you this also included 5 children!  I will always go back to any restaurant where they will happily put the kids order in first ;).
Happy kids eating at Olive & Basil!

Oh my I am still drooling over whatever dip they have for their sweet potato fries… So so good!

Thank you La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites

I just want to thank La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites and Pacifica Hotels for such an amazing weekend getaway and allowing my family the opportunity for such a fun adventure.  We had a blast and I am thankful for the opportunity to share my story with others!

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