A Review of The Wonderful Winter of Oz

We were recently gifted tickets to go see ‘The Wonderful Winter of Oz’ which is being played at the Pasadena Civic Center.  A family 4 pack which means my toddler would be going to the theater.  You can probably imagine my initial thought of how that would go….

However, my 3 year old loved it and so did my 6 year old.  The Lythgoe Family Panto does an amazing job creating an engaging experience for the entire family. So sit back and let me run through how our evening went.


Show time was at 7:00pm but we knew we were going to run into traffic on the way up to Pasadena.  So, we decided to make the commute apart of the adventure!  On the way there, we found a taco truck and stopped along the way.  We were lucky to see an epic sunset that lit the sky on fire!



There is event parking near The Pasadena Civic Center for $15.00.  However, my husband being the always budget friendly individual that he is found a cheaper solution!

There is metered spots a block away.  These meters stop monitoring after 6:00pm, Friday-Sunday.  So if you are attending a weekend show, this could be a great parking spot for you!

Winter Adventure 6:00-7:00pm

Starting at 6:00pm in the lobby, there were kid friendly activities!  My girls loved coloring on the pop up house and making ornaments.  Santa Claus also made his appearance which was extra special.  My little ones were able to make their special requests of Frozen toys and a violin!

There was also caroling, “snow” in LA, and a red carpet event outside where we were able to get a glimpse of the cast!  This was exciting to show the girls the stars of the show before they hit the stage.

Mackenzie Ziegler playing Dorothy

There was also a cash bar… Yes please! Alright, let the show begin :).

The Wonderful Winter of Oz

Where do I even begin? This show was full of adult humor (my favorite was all of the Amazon Alexa jokes), engagement for the kids, star power, current music, pops of color, amazing wardrobe, fantastic choreographery… I could go on and on!

What I loved is that my husband and I were laughing the entire time and the entire family was singing along.  As I mentioned above, my 3 year old was glued to the stage the entire time!  I was initially worried that she would be squirmy and we would need to get up and walk around with her; NOPE!  She loved every second of this show!

This is truly an entire family event that everyone can enjoy.  I can not recommend this Christmas experience enough.  Oh, and the Wicked Witch and Scarecrow were my favorite; complete talents!  However, the entire cast were amazing so the director couldn’t go wrong with this show.

Still have time to see this show!

The Wonderful Winter of Oz is still playing until December 30th! You can secure your tickets online or by calling (626-449-7362).  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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